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Forbes Smith - A Tribute

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Forbes Smith was an incredible person. He was endlessly generous, not only materially but also with his time. He was unfailingly loyal to his friends and filled with kindness and compassion for everyone. Above all, he loved Wynberg Boys' Schools, Junior and Senior.

I first met Forbes when I was 19 and the following year when I qualified I found myself on the same staff. Those were very happy days with lots of laughter and fun as well as the hard work that Arnold Lorie demanded of his teachers.

Under Jan Oosthuizen Forbes became Deputy Head of the Junior School. He was loved and respected by the staff and children. Though not particularly sporty himself he was always at Saturday sports matches, winter and summer. He produced many wonderful school plays, taught clarinet and contributed greatly to the cultural growth of the school, always supporting plays, music concerts and Prize Givings at both the schools and applauding the successes of his past pupils.

In his personal life, he sang in the Saint George’s Singers and acted in many plays, both amateur and semi-professional, with a great enjoyment of being part of the Gilbert and Sullivan Company. He was also a host of renown who fed his guests lavishly.

Forbes was very committed to his church and read the lesson regularly. His belief was deep, but he never pushed his beliefs on others or looked askance at anyone who practised a different faith or none.

Forbes will leave a great emptiness in the hearts of many people. He was the brother I never had and I loved him dearly.

Toni Bauwens